Keeping a healthy distance

Events in times of Corona



All guests and employees must wear a mask when entering the room.
Due to the obligation to provide evidence, the organizers are obliged to keep an attendance list of all people in the room.

No food will be served in the meeting room.

According to current regulations, our conference rooms are prepared for you in rows of chairs with a distance of 1.5 m between the guests. Alternatively, other seating options or table groups of 10 people can be seated at a distance of 1.5 m from the next group (additional costs may apply).



Disinfectants are available.
The beverage stations are equipped with screw cap bottles.
The coffee / tea stations with sugar / milk / tea are packed.
During the breaks, doorknobs and, if necessary, the lectern are disinfected.
Disinfection of tables, chairs and floors in the evening is a matter of course.

We are happy to organize a plexiglass mask for more freedom of movement (for a fee).

A small set-up with gloves and disinfectant is available.

When using the pointer / remote control / flipchart etc., the speaker is obliged to wear gloves.
Disinfection after each speaker can be carried out by our service (subject to a charge).
The moderator's case is equipped with gloves.
The use of the contents of the moderator's case is only permitted with gloves.

Lunch & Dinner:
We do not offer buffets, instead we offer selected menus based on the recommendation of our chefs.
Until the first coffee break, guests have the opportunity to choose the main course of the day.

We place disinfection racks in front of the restaurant entrance.

The allocation of seats is based on the current regulation of max. 10 people per table and a distance of 1.5m between the tables. On request and subject to availability, exclusive rooms can also be offered with additional costs.

Coffee breaks:
Take place at a central point with sufficient space.

Our coffee breaks will be staggered from other events. We offer the meals during the coffee breaks in "to go bags" with a selection of regional and healthy dishes.

General information about your event booking:



Doors to the respective rooms within the event location are to be kept open, as far as permitted, so that virus transmission via the door handles can be avoided.

Doorknobs, handrails on staircases, surfaces that are frequently used (furniture, tables, counters, toilets, especially toilet flushing, taps, etc.) are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
Where possible, high-traffic surfaces (handrails, cloakroom and accreditation counters, visitor furniture, etc.) should be temporarily sealed using suitable means.

Dispensers with disinfectants are clearly visible at all entrances and exits to the event location. In addition, there are at least 1 individual donor per 50 visitors at critical points within the venue.
There are also enough donors in the toilet facilities
Disinfectant provided.



The number of people working at the same time within the event location is reduced through equalization during the construction and dismantling work as well as through the formation of smaller working groups with fixed-time work areas. The consideration of the hygiene regulations, the distance regulations and the other occupational safety standards SARS-CoV-2 is guaranteed at all times.

By recording all those involved in the various trades in advance as well as the complete chronological recording of the attendances and absences at the event location, all the people involved in the event, including their contact details, must be made available to the health authorities at any time for tracking possible chains of infection, even after the event.

Instruction in the hygiene measures introduced at the event location, the necessary rules of conduct as well as responsibilities and contact persons will be guaranteed - on site in writing in advance and when entering the event location.

All participants and guests involved in an event will be informed in advance by the organizer about the necessity of personal carrying and any wearing of mouth and nose protection. This must be carried with you at all times within the venue and must be carried if there is a risk that the minimum distances are not exceeded. Violations can lead to the exclusion of persons.



In order to be able to track and isolate possible chains of infection, it is necessary that all participants and visitors are known and electronically recorded with their contact details. Entering and leaving the venue must be electronically recorded and documented. These data must subsequently be made available to the health authorities if there is a justified need in compliance with data protection.



Appropriate ventilation of the entire venue is guaranteed. Sufficient and regular ventilation is ensured, especially in lower and smaller rooms.

If necessary, further measures are to be applied as follows:

Active involvement of a moderator in accompanying visitors. This not only controls and guides through the event, but also instructs and informs the guests about the safety and hygiene precautions to be observed at the beginning, but also during the event.


Participation and interaction are only possible under very strict conditions, which are set out in the individual hygiene concept. The focus here is on "demonstrating instead of trying out". Displays and devices that are necessary for testing must be disinfected after each use by a visitor.

Gatherings around stands, showcases and attractions must be prevented. The minimum distance rules must be observed at all times and the face mask must be worn in areas where the minimum distance cannot be maintained.

Subject to changes

Important Covid 19 information
NOVEMBER 11-14, 2021

Your health is important to us. We therefore ask for your understanding that participation is only possible for healthy guests or guests with a full vaccination (2G regulation). Please bring the relevant proof with you.

Since the ELLE.THE RETREAT is about sports exercises in closed rooms, a Corona test verification requirement also applies on arrival.

Please note that the negative test result of a rapid test is valid for a maximum of 24 hours. The negative test result of a PCR test is valid for 72 hours. A self-test is not recognized.

Please bring your own yoga equipment (mat, blocks, straps) with you. Due to hygiene regulations, no materials can be issued on site.


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