Are you planning a meeting or event that more than meets today's requirements? Are you looking for unusual venues and the possibility to interactively involve participants who cannot be on site? In our conference and event locations at Lake Tegernsee, innovative conference and event technology for hybrid events is available to you with Weframe.

The new conference experience. An investment that pays off.

With the Weframe One solution, conferences simply become more productive.

Beamer, flipchart and co. are history. 

The digital platform Weframe meets the pulse of time.

Hybrid events with Weframe One

We think personal contact is important, but we also know that there are situations where it is not possible for everyone to be at the same place, for many reasons.

We have discovered a solution: hybrid events with maximum comfort and unprecedented productivity.

Our partner for hybrid conferences and meetings is called: Weframe.

Weframe One provides hybrid meeting technology and consists of an 86" 4K multitouch display and intuitive software.

Benefits and Advantages of Weframe

All meeting participants can work together interactively. The same digital tools can be used by all participants on the common work surface.

Hybrid and online meetings are made possible with the same quality of presence meetings.

With real-time processing of the synchronous sessions and the exchange of all participants in the video call, a new quality of remote collaboration is created - a feeling of real teamwork on a shared workspace that is visible to everyone.

All Advantages of Weframe at a Glance.

For organizers as well as for participants of hybrid events, there are countless advantages in using Weframe.


  • Sustainability

    Sustainability The future is here

    Flying halfway around the world, or wasting precious time and energy in traffic jams to attend a conference? Also, small things like paper and pens, which are often produced for one-time use.

    This does not have to be the case.

    It is more cost effective and resource effective to integrate participants digitally into events that take place in person.

  • Security

    Digital work requires the greatest possible security and care in handling data. With Weframe, you can be sure that your content is always safely stored and protected:


    Secure storage location

    Secure access

    Secure device

  • Presenters

    Weframe offers all tools presenters require in digital form.

    • Prepare comfortably from anywhere.
    • Arrive without extra luggage.
    • Activate all participants.
    • Results are immediately and digitally available

    In Manager you can manage meetings centrally, anytime and anywhere.

    Raise your profile in digital group work.

  • Participation

    Participants without Weframe One can join Shared Sessions simply by Video Call.

    (Without downloads, registration)

    Everyone hears and sees each other and actively participates in the group. This gives maximum flexibility to interactive meetings - no matter where the participants are.

  • Transparency

    The work surface of the shared session can be displayed to all participants via video call. Therefore, the visual basis of the meeting remains transparent and comprehensible for everyone.

    Remote participants can even contribute content to the session - creating productive hybrid meetings.

  • DAGVO Compliant

    Weframe AG takes the security of its customers' data very seriously. Therefore, they defined the processing of personal data and the associated company processes at an early stage. Weframe has had these measures thoroughly checked and approved by a neutral third party regarding DSGVO requirements.

    The data protection declaration can be found at

    For further questions, please contact the data protection officer Mr. Kleinert at privacy(at)

Frequent Questions

  • What are hybrid events and conferences?

    Hybrid events and meetings are a mixture of online and face-to-face events: some participants are in person on site in the event room, others are connected online via hybrid meeting technology, such as Weframe.

  • How do hybrid conferences and meetings work?

    Hybrid meetings and conferences are made possible by a shared workspace and an integrated video conferencing system with the quality of face-to-face meetings.

  • What is so special about Weframe

    Weframe realizes meetings, workshops, and trainings in a more interactive, more efficient, and easier way and in the fusing of an analogue and hybrid form. Weframe One enables real group work even if not everyone can be on site. It closes the gap between analogue (flipchart, notepad, post-it etc.) and digital (laptop, PC) meeting technology. Weframe is cloud-based and enables fluid work with proven tools in digital form. It is simple and possible to participate in meetings with one's own device. This enables real-time collaboration from different locations with the quality of face-to-face meetings. The preparation and follow-up of a meeting, the documentation and the workflow can also be easily managed.


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