Event type: Gold trip (employee award ceremony)

Location: arena

Participants: 1,300

Event date: May 2014

Details: 3 weeks 6 groups, back to back

“I would like to thank you and your employees for the excellent support and hospitality. Our past events in your house were thoroughly successful and the participants were thrilled with the accommodation, the service and the overall ambience. I would be happy to recommend the Hotel Bachmair Weissach. I look forward to seeing you again and wish you all the best until then. ”


Markus Riess, CEO of Allianz Deutschland AG


Location: arena

Participants: 510

Event date: June 2014

Details: Development of an entire EDEKA market

“A successful annual conference at Lake Tegernsee lies behind us - but we don't want to miss thanking you for the great cooperation. With your nice and extremely flexible team, great service and versatile catering as well as the unmistakable location, you contributed a lot to the success of the event. ”

Markus Mosa CEO EDEKA AG

Rolf Lange Head of Business Communication / Public Affairs


Location: arena

Participants: 3 concert evenings of 300 people each

Event date: August 2014

Details: Concert series of the International Music Festival Kreuth


“On behalf of Dieter Nonhoff and the whole team of the music festival, I would like to thank you and the entire group of employees who contributed to the success of the concerts. Your personal commitment to the concerts of the music festival with you made a significant contribution to the success of the “Arena debut”. The logistics around such concerts is a challenge - but I mean we have done the whole thing properly with a joint effort! ”


Helge Augstein co-organizer of the Kreuth Music Festival

Details: Star guest - Jürgen Klopp


“We can now look back on an extremely successful event“ Together INTERSPORT 2014 ”. The mood among the participants from Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany was excellent. Your hotel with its service and catering has contributed significantly to this. The commitment of your service staff was perfect and the kitchen performed excellently. We thank you very much for this. We are sure that all participants have registered your house very positively and we look forward to further cooperation, we will be happy to visit you again and recommend it in any case. ”


Kim Roether board member Intersport Deutschland eG

Mathias Boenke Managing Director Intersport Austria Gesellschaft mbH



Participants: 55

Event date: May 2014

Details: Bavarian evening in the ballroom


“We just feel good at Bachmair Weissach! The first-class service, the spacious and detailed rooms and the quality of the F&B department make each of our stays a special experience. We would particularly like to emphasize that every employee of the Bachmair Weissach Hotel has the talent to read wishes from their eyes - and it is precisely this wish - to enrich the lives of our Mary Kay women - that is 100% in line with our company philosophy. We look forward to May 2015 and would love to come back again and again! "


Dirk Auer, supervisor sales events & training organization


Location: hotel

Number of Participants: 300 people

Date: January 2015

Details: Hotel exclusive


"For 6 years the urological clinic has been organizing the" Urological Winter Forum Großhadern "in Bachmair Weissach, which repeats, deepens and updates the entire specialist knowledge over a whole week. For us, the Bachmair Weissach is an ideal congress hotel: the conference room maintains the important infrastructure at a high level, the care of our participants during the breaks is excellently organized and the staff are exceptionally helpful and friendly. There are enough suitable smaller rooms available for our parallel workshops, the signage system helps the participants to find their way around. The preparation and follow-up of the event always went very well and completely smoothly. We will host our winter forum there for many years to come! ”


Prof. Dr. Christian G. Stief Professor and Chairman, LMU University Hospital


Regional manager meeting of the TUI branch sales

Participants: 12 people

Location: hotel

Event date: December 2015


“In our regional manager meeting of the TUI branch sales, which took place in the Hotel Bachmair Weissach on December 10, 2015 and December 11, 2015, we felt that we were well looked after at all times and in every area. Small changes on our part or spontaneous arrangements were 

immediately implemented to our complete satisfaction. Questions and requests were answered politely, courteously and competently or fulfilled. ”


Bettina Hinrichs, Assistant - Branch Sales & FIRST Business Travel


Participants: 31 people

Location: hotel

Event date: November 2015


“- very competent and reliable support in organizing events

- Extremely friendly and on-site event attendant who responds promptly to all requests

- Framework conditions of the house (childcare, SPA, transfer arrangements etc.) optimal ”

Reges Reinhard, Freudenberg & Co KG, Corporate Partners' Relations


Automobile presentation for the press

Participants: 120 people, journalists changing daily

Location: Hotel and hotel park

Event date: June-July 2015

Details: Auto launch

“We have a successful dynamic world premiere of the new Skoda Superb Combi in the Hotel Bachmair Weissach on Tegernsee - it would have been very difficult for us to do better. You, your team and the Hotel Bachmair Weissach made a significant contribution to this. The mood among our international guests, all journalists from various industries and interests, was excellent. The commitment and friendliness of all of your employees was perfect. The unmistakable location, the pleasant flair and the good weather (that is the only thing that not only you have to answer for ...) also contributed a large part to the very good success of the event. We look forward to further cooperation in the future and will be happy to recommend you. ”

Bernd Abel | GP Communications - Head of Product Communications ŠKODA AUTO


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