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What is "Tegernsee Phantastisch"? The innovative edutainment attraction is home to two high-contrast worlds of learning, play and entertainment, each creatively combining knowledge transfer with play and sport – “Tegernsee World” and “Tegernsee Magic”. On a total of 2,700 square meters you will find, among other things, a Weissach Warrior Parcours, a high-rope climbing garden, a trampoline area for advanced users, a virtual reality attraction known from Europa-Park Rust and much more.

Team events

We would be happy to discuss your wishes individually and have prepared suggestions for you below on how you can organize team fun under professional guidance.

Choose your tour through Tegernsee Fantastic from our offers:
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The employees are divided into teams and compete against each other in selected areas according to your wishes.
Under our guidance, we fight with and against each other, the points are evaluated and, as the grand finale, a winning team is crowned and celebrated.

Team challenge

Knowledge quiz about the environment and nature: The team receives information and knowledge and then has to answer questions about it
Tasks exist:

- In the Weissach Warrior, team members compete against each other.

- One of the team ventures through the Höhenweg.

- Small questions will be asked after visiting the 5D cinema.

- Virtual Reality must go through 3 team members.

- Phantastic Illusions will be awarded.


Under supervision, the teams are led and guided through Tegernsee Fantastic.
This creates fun and games in all areas.

Tegernsee World

In the Tegernsee World area you can experience the Bachmair Weissach World! All the houses in the group can also be found in Tegernsee Phantastisch: The Spa & Resort Bachmair Weissach, the  Wildbad Kreuth, the Berghotel Altes Wallberghaus, the Bachmair Weissach See-Apartments, the Hotel Bussi Baby and the Clubhaus Bachmair Weissach were rebuilt in timber construction with a spruce wood construction .

Tegernsee Ecologia is primarily dedicated to the topics of nature and sustainability. The visitor receives concrete information about the ecology of the region. The goal of Tegernsee Ecologia is to show the special features of Tegernsee, the region and the local nature: history, water, wind, forest, agriculture, tourism, climate and energy.

The aquarium is an attraction that combines digitality and creativity in a playful way. Visitors have the opportunity to discover the diverse underwater world of Lake Tegernsee with its numerous types of fish and can also be creative themselves: analog, paint on paper, there are templates for guests to color in. This fish is then scanned and a little later "swims" digitally over the interactive wall.

In the bird of prey house, visitors can learn everything about the local birds of prey and hunting birds.
Bouldering is a new trend sport - versatile and effective. You can now practice it in Tegernsee Fantastic. An experience of superlatives, because the Wallberg Wall is the largest glass bouldering wall in the world!

Tegernsee Magic

In the Tegernsee Magic area, there is a high-rope climbing garden. The mountain trail, called "Hohe Luft", at a total height of seven meters has 13 stations with different levels of difficulty.

The interactive trampoline system with acoustic and optical effects - a guarantee for lots of adrenaline. The motto here is: cooperation and fair play. This means that when visitors jump on the trampoline in sync and in time, they are rewarded with cool light and sound effects. However, if everyone jumps together, nothing happens. Variety is guaranteed: there are different trampolines, including a free jump area, a walk on wall with sloping trampolines, a performance trampoline with even more suspension and a platform from which you can try out different figures. There is also an interactive game system ValoMotion, where you can jump on the trampoline interactively on the screen.

In the Ninja Warrior Parcours, the focus is on competition and thrills: visitors can compete against each other on the virtual playing field.

The illusion attraction has various photo sets with very special scenarios that are only available in "Tegernsee Phantastisch". A great way to take unique photos as a souvenir, but of course also for social media. Poses and posts are expressly desired here.

Tegernsee Phantastisch

Our Tegernsee Pantastisch company event packages:

"Lunch and Play
Included is a 2-course business lunch menu, 0.5l water, 0.5l juice, 1 hot drink in our Italian restaurant Gardone and Terrazza
such as
2 hour stay in Tegernsee Pantastisch with 3 soft drinks
Price per person €85.00

"Dinner and Play"
Included is a 3-course business dinner menu, 0.5l water, 0.3l beer, 0.2l wine, 1 hot drink in our Italian restaurant Gardone and Terrazza
such as
2 hour stay in Tegernsee Pantastisch with 3 soft drinks
Price per person €105.00

"Work Hard - Play Hard"
including a 2 hour stay in Tegernsee Pantastisch  with 3 soft drinks
Price per person €45.00

Our Italian Gardone
as an exclusive event location

At Gardone we have a large wood-fired oven with space for about eight pizzas at a time, and there are three Italian pizzaiolos twirling the pizzas through the air. The oven comes from the traditional production MAM Forni and is, so to speak, the Ferrari among the pizza ovens. It alone weighs 1.7 tons. Not only pizza fans will be happy: We also serve fantastic pasta, salads, antipasti, fish and meat dishes as well as vegetarian dishes and of course delicious desserts. The coffee in the "Gardone" is prepared in an Italian portafilter machine, a "La Cimbali", the beans come from the "Erste Tegernseer Kaffeerösterei", our own blend.

The restaurant offers space for 60 people inside, on the large sun terrace with a view of the Wallberg there is also space for 60 guests. There are also 74 additional seats in the Terrazza on the inner terrace.

Bookable Sunday-Thursday 11:00-21:30
Exclusivity for a minimum turnover of €3,000
Bookable Friday-Saturday 11:00-21:30
Exclusivity for a minimum turnover of €4,000

Service concept: family style, the dishes are placed on platters as a sharing menu

Our Gardone menu:

Starters: Antipasti of the chef's choice

Intermediate course: risotto of the chef's choice

Main course: 4 different wood-fired oven pizzas and salad bowls

Dessert: variation of the chef's choice

2-course menu p.p. €38.00
3-course menu p.p. €45.00
4-course menu p.p. €59.00

Drinks according to consumption or as a drinks flat rate 57.00 euros p.p. for 3 hours

Magic Gala-Event
at Tegernsee Phantastisch

In the Tegernsee Magic area, you will also find your evening location, immersed in an atmospheric light installation in the semi-darkness of this mystical fantasy landscape, directly under the high-rope climbing garden.

6:30 p.m. Welcome reception at the Terrazza in Tegernsee World
7:00 p.m. Beginning of the evening gala in Tegernsee Magic
10:30 p.m. – 1:00 a.m. Party on the Terrazza

Service concept: family style, the dishes are placed on platters as a sharing menu.

Seating for the gala will be provided at round tables for 10 people.
Room rental from €3,000.

Flat rate: 3-course sharing menu including drinks flat rate for 4 hours, p.p. €120.00

Prices for DJ and technology on request.

Tegernsee Phantastisch as an event location

You can find more information about Tegernsee Phantastisch as an event location in our event brochure.


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